Dec. 22nd, 2015

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So I went to a doctor at the maternity care clinic where I'm listed today about my pelvic and back pain. He did confirm my diagnosis, but did not paint a bright future for me. Basically, what he said was: go see a physiotherapist (you probably won't need a referral), and it's going to get worse, you might have to take sick leave later on, thank you and good bye.

Yeah thanks... The physiotherapist clinic at the hospital where I work does need a referral and the clinic I did manage to find a time slot at isn't for another three weeks -.- I prefer being a practitioner to a patient in health care.

But when I told my boss about the SPD-diagnosis she immediately told me I should only do surgery where I could sit down (so basically only robotic) and that I wouldn't have to work any more evening or weekend shifts other than those left on this schedule period. Sweet, sweet relief. I've been seriously worried about passing out a few times already when forced to stand, and I can usually only manage it for about 15 minutes when sterile. Which you know, isn't that good should something unexpected occur and we have to work fast and effective. So. Good!

But in super good news!! Today is 16 weeks precisely and I could feel my little wriggle move inside me~<3<3<3


poplitea: surgery (Default)

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