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 As in, Kiyo was looking very swollen around her tail, has been for weeks now, and I've just been waiting and waiting for her to Take. A. Goddamn. Shit.

But no.

So today she got to bathe (not appreciated) with little effect. So then she got some gentle massage over the belly and after awhile first comes pee, quite a lot of it too! But then comes poo, yay! Okay, a little more massage, more poo, and more, and more, and... Yeah, she dropped about 40 g in weight, totalt weight post-poo being 135 g. So... That was a Lot.

Good baby ball <3 Now poo on your own next time!
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Kiyo had a perfect shed <3<3<3 I'm so proud and happy for her :,D

(but I'm still ill ;-;)
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Hadn't seen Kiyo in a while so I checked on her today and she's in blue. Looks like a little ghost of herself :3 I poured at least 2 litres of water on the substrate to keep it moist enough in there for her (at least she's found the moist hide) and hopes she has a clean shed this time. Last time was in october and did not go very well ;-;
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The SPD has gotten worse, and even more of my pelvis is hurting now. Joy...

But! Baby ball has got a name finally :D Kiyo-hime, just Kiyo for short. After this lady :3

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We weighed baby ball today and realized she's lost a bit too much in weight. She hasn't eaten since october, which would be completely fine with an adult but not so much a baby. We've tried everything else we could think of so today me and hubby force fed her instead ;-; it was horrible. Really, truly, heart wrenchingly awful, and I hope I never have to go through anything even remotely similar when my actual baby is born.

But now that we know baby ball has a full stomach, some of our worry for her is abated at least.


Dec. 2nd, 2015 11:16
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Baby ball has escaped her terrarium!! FUCKFUCKFUCK!! I've been searching our, thankfully newly cleaned, bedroom for an hour and now I have to go to work and I. Can't. Find. Her!!!

Update 12:53:

Hubby came home 2 hours later and found her right underneath our bed, where I'd already checked several times naturally! Ugh, naughty little baby. She'd apparently managed to wedge herself out through a teeny, tiny crack where one of us hadn't closed the terrarium sliding doors properly (never happening again!!) and in the process lost one of the scales on her head ;A; nooooo!! But she seems fine otherwise ;-; <3
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I threw up in the middle of lunch at work today -__________- urkkkk... I made it to the trash can in time, but uuugggghhh, fucking embarrassing...

In other news baby ball (who still doesn't have a name yet), is refusing to eat. We've had her for almost 7 weeks now, and have been trying a number of different ways to entice her but no success. It looks like she doesn't even understand that the pinkies are food :(
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I forcibly put baby ball in the moist hide after helping with her shed a few days ago and now it's her new favourite place XD
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Baby ball pooped and then started shedding for real yesterday, only she'd refused to spend the week in the moist hide so she's shedding in bits and pieces -.- Today I helped her get the last bits off and it was Not Appreciated At All. She's gonna grow up hating me... ;-;


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