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Kiyo had a perfect shed <3<3<3 I'm so proud and happy for her :,D

(but I'm still ill ;-;)
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Hadn't seen Kiyo in a while so I checked on her today and she's in blue. Looks like a little ghost of herself :3 I poured at least 2 litres of water on the substrate to keep it moist enough in there for her (at least she's found the moist hide) and hopes she has a clean shed this time. Last time was in october and did not go very well ;-;
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Kiyo actually struck at the rat today!! But her aim was off and she hit the feeding thongs instead ;A; You could see it probably hurt becasue she kept adjusting her jaw afterwards and the she wouldn't try again ;-; poor baby <3
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Kiyo ate through assisted, and not forced, feeding today. Baby steps!
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Baby ball pooped and then started shedding for real yesterday, only she'd refused to spend the week in the moist hide so she's shedding in bits and pieces -.- Today I helped her get the last bits off and it was Not Appreciated At All. She's gonna grow up hating me... ;-;
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Finally went to pick her up today <3 I met the breeder at the local train station, and we had to go aside to an undisturbed corner so as not to flash the snake and frighten anyone XD it felt like we were doing something illegal almost ^^;; but ohmygod she's so small and adorable<3<3<3

The ride home was by bus, and it was a bit bumpy. She couldn't (understandably) relax and whenever I checked on her, her head was practically vibrating in time with the bus ;A;
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Our baby ball is on a food strike apparently, so we won't be able to bring her home for a while yet. Unless we wanna risk it, and deal with it ourselves for a reduced price on the snake... But, uhm, no thank you. I'd rather she lives!
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 During my bouts of intense procrastination for studying for that exam I rediscovered my love of snakes and realized I could actually get one! I moved out from my parents several years ago (I could have had a snake for years already! Ó_Ò) and hubby thinks it would be nice even, he used to have a corn when he was younger.

To be more precise, I've fallen head over heels for ball pythons <3 such cute little faces :3


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