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 Oooohhh jeeez

Haven't written about it before buuut, as a final course exam we had an oral exam. We got 7 different areas of surgical nursing care to learn all we could about:
  • prone positioning
  • lithotomy positioning
  • diathermy
  • patient safety with regards to control routines of materials/instruments
  • patient safety in regards to tissue samples
  • aseptics and preventing infections
  • Sutures and needle safety

Then we got split into groups of 6-7 and everyone in the group got to draw lots about which area you had to give a presentation about. And our teachers had warned us, you always get the one you dread the most. But I thought that sounded utterly ridiculous, it can't hold true every time after all!

But of course I got the one I was most unsure of being able to talk more than 5 minutes about, namely sutures and needle safety! I mean sure, I'd read about it but I did not understand how I would fill out 20 minutes and then answer questions about it!

But you know what? Once I got started it was a bloody torrent running forth and I went on and on and on and i hadn't even realized I knew that much about it O_O Passed without difficulty ^.~
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Ahaha... no more relaxing, time to start studying for the final exam.

The one where we have to study and remember over 50 different surgical procedures.

Through every layer of tissue, every artery or vein that is cut, or avoided or sutured, every sinew that have to be move slightly aside to see, every muscle that has to be cut, and in which bloody order it's all supposed to happen AND THEN closing everything up, all the different tissues with which kind of thread and OF COURSE every single nursing diagnosis or risk associated with every fucking one of the procedures depending on the patients position after anaesthesia induction which puts pressure on which nerves and so on and so on.

And we’ll only be tested on 3 of these fifty different procedures. But we had goddamned better learnt it all.

I am a little stressed.


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