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 Today we checked out from MyStays and took a bus from Shinjuku. We had a map showing where the bloody bus station was, and which subway exit to take, but we still ended up going the wrong way and turning in circles before we found a small neighbourhood map that we could compare to the one we had *big sigh* But we managed to catch the bus in plenty of time, cause we actually planned for not finding the station easily. So, off to Kawaguchiko!

It’s a small town at the foot of Fuji-san. The bus there took two hours and we got to see plenty of the country side on the way. And the way that nature grows is so different compared to Scandinavia! It felt like every single green growing thing were on steroids. But it was beautiful travelling between all the small mountaintops and the little communities that covered every flat stretch of land.

When we got there we were, strangely enough for not really having done anything, tired. We’d planned to take the Kachikachi ropeway up a mountainside to watch Fuji-san, buuuuut… The weather was dismal, with clouds and mist, so no. We just got checked in at the ryokan we were staying at and rested. (Oh, right! Also sex. While trying to be quiet cause the walls were extremely thin!)

In the evening we bought a few gyoza from a food truck outside and then walked for about half an hour to get to a recommended ramen shop. This was my third time eating ramen, and gave me enough evidence to say that I don’t really… like it all that much. (This feels like betraying both myself and my love for Naruto. Fandom has glorified ramen for so many years, I’ve been longing to try the real stuff. And then it doesn’t live up to my expectations ;-;). We found a supermarket, the biggest we’d seen yet, on the way home. (And that way was scary. The sidewalk was about 20 cm broad, there was zero street lights, and the cars came zooming past at high speeds, in total darkness). It’s was slightly claustrophobic to enter that store, with all the bright colours and text, so much more than I’m used to seeing, it’s was impossible to rest your eyes anywhere!


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