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 I was admitted to the hospital two days ago because of preeclampsia, blood pressure was high enough that the doctors wanted to monitor closely and give medication. Only I seem to metabolize the drugs very quickly cause the effect doesn't last very long when it has had effect at all *sigh*
All of yesterday I felt like crap, tired and with a headache, and then during the night I started vomiting, and the effing blood pressure Would Not Go Down. So, today they will start the birth medically, two weeks before the due date. Which is fine cause everything is "ready" with the baby, these last two weeks are all about fattening up a bit. (Which wouldn't be too bad though since the ultra sound showed the baby to weigh about 2,5 kg yesterday, 0,5 kg less than expected 馃槯)
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 We went to the last of three group meetings for first time expectant parents today. The meetings has been good, and it's nice to meet other people in the same situation, but at the same time we've both had a bit of trouble connecting with the other parents cause we're so much younger than they are, and quite a few of them seem to have quite swanky jobs :/ Afterwards we had a health/growth check with the same midwife who held the meetings (who is also 100% convinced that every single one of the mothers are going to rip during birth. She's also retiring next month) and my blood pressure was too high, 150/85. So, extra check-up again on friday.

We had lunch with hubby's father, they're working on a project together, and then I went on to go buy a foam bed for the changing table and a breast pump. And I'm fucking furious. I went a long way to meet up, and then the woman selling the things hurries us both by parking in a way that obstructs traffic, so I didn't really get a chance to look everything through properly and when I get home I notice that the fucking pump is dirty,  broken and an much older model than what she'd claimed Ò_Ó it works but you can't adjust the sucking strength...
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 I've been buying baby clothes second hand. They're barely used since they'll likely only fit for about a month, and at a third or less of retail price. So, very pleased with that. And a nursing table, which looks huge in our tiny bathroom :| but we (or I at least) also want to try EC - elimination communication, to reduce diaper use. For the baby's sake since it lessens risk for rashes, and for our own economy's sake and for the environments' sake.
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 We had another ultra sound scan today, as part of a study. Wriggle is growing well but a little behind in expected size, -14,7%, but it's still within normal parameters so no need to check further as it is still growing bigger at a steady rate.

Meanwhile mum here has gained ca 15 kg so far from being pregnant! Sigh... 
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 Couldn't say good bye to my closest friend at work cause she was home sick :(

I brought vanilla buns I'd baked this weekend, and I thought, maybe, okay I'd hoped, I would get some kind of gift from my co-workers, like a  baby onesie or something, but no ;-;

Bye bye!


Apr. 7th, 2016 16:01
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 This has not been a good week so far, much more pelvic pain than usual, ugh ;-;

Little wriggle, I think I already love you, but I do not appreciate what carrying you does to my body -.-'
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 Mum and I watched the entire first season of Outlander this weekend, so good~<3 and next season premieres next weekend right?

(also, such good casting with Jamie, A+ thumbs up!)


Mar. 24th, 2016 18:59
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A work colleague is going to Japan in 2 days. She's promised to buy me matcha-kitkat <3<3<3

(Work though, is rather boring. I'm only working half days and usually not scrubbed in, so the work I do is not very stimulating and I still come home fucking exhausted... Uuugh)
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I have a cold (again) and every time I cough, which is often, my womb cramps up. I know overall that the cramping threshold is much lower when pregnant but apparently this also translates into a much greater risk of coughing hard enough to retch. Haven't actually thrown up yet, buuuut, I figure it's just a question of time.

But little wriggle is bouncy and active so I'm not worried for that at least!
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 Two mornings in a row now I woken up because my dearest little wriggle is Kicking. My. Bladder. With real determination too, going *DUNK*. *DUNK*. *DUNK*. It tickles horribly and is impossible to ignore, so up I waddle to pee too remove that oh so tempting (apparently) target. -.-'
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Kiyo has figured out from where the food enters the terrarium. In the first few months with us she wasn't eating but she was very active, climbing all over everything she could reach, night as day. I think now she was actually looking for food but not recognizing what was offered.

Now that she Knows, she lies in her log, head just sticking out, as soon as the sun starts setting, just watching the terrarium door, and when a pinkie comes along she's on it in seconds! Pinkies are a bit small true, but I daren't try the bigger ones yet after the last Fiasco. So she's getting two pinkies a week for a bit longer and then we'll see again.

Also yesterday she got a bath casue she'd been a messy eater the day before, and afterwards she peed all over me XD

(And I have a cold again ;-;)
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Went to see a doctor at the maternal care clinic again and she prescribed 50 % sick leave because of my pain and exhaustion in combination with my very physical work. It is such a relief.
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Wriggle is playing roller coaster inside (<3<3<3) and Kiyo (back to pinkies) ate all on her own again!


Jan. 4th, 2016 17:46
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Little wriggle is living up to it's name and proving to be a very active lil thing ~<3
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So I went to a doctor at the maternity care clinic where I'm listed today about my pelvic and back pain. He did confirm my diagnosis, but did not paint a bright future for me. Basically, what he said was: go see a physiotherapist (you probably won't need a referral), and it's going to get worse, you might have to take sick leave later on, thank you and good bye.

Yeah thanks... The physiotherapist clinic at the hospital where I work does need a referral and the clinic I did manage to find a time slot at isn't for another three weeks -.- I prefer being a practitioner to a patient in health care.

But when I told my boss about the SPD-diagnosis she immediately told me I should only do surgery where I could sit down (so basically only robotic) and that I wouldn't have to work any more evening or weekend shifts other than those left on this schedule period. Sweet, sweet relief. I've been seriously worried about passing out a few times already when forced to stand, and I can usually only manage it for about 15 minutes when sterile. Which you know, isn't that good should something unexpected occur and we have to work fast and effective. So. Good!

But in super good news!! Today is 16 weeks precisely and I could feel my little wriggle move inside me~<3<3<3

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The SPD has gotten worse, and even more of my pelvis is hurting now. Joy...

But! Baby ball has got a name finally :D Kiyo-hime, just Kiyo for short. After this lady :3

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We weighed baby ball today and realized she's lost a bit too much in weight. She hasn't eaten since october, which would be completely fine with an adult but not so much a baby. We've tried everything else we could think of so today me and hubby force fed her instead ;-; it was horrible. Really, truly, heart wrenchingly awful, and I hope I never have to go through anything even remotely similar when my actual baby is born.

But now that we know baby ball has a full stomach, some of our worry for her is abated at least.
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I threw up in the middle of lunch at work today -__________- urkkkk... I made it to the trash can in time, but uuugggghhh, fucking embarrassing...

In other news baby ball (who still doesn't have a name yet), is refusing to eat. We've had her for almost 7 weeks now, and have been trying a number of different ways to entice her but no success. It looks like she doesn't even understand that the pinkies are food :(
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We went for an ultra sound scan today!! Oh my god it was amazing to finally se our little baby! And it was wriggling about so much, waving it's little arms and legs and stretching and aaaaahhhhhh~ I'm in love already <3<3<3
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I threw up this morning. It was almost a relief, because the nausea went away for a moment, but I don't want to do it again :(


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