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Went to see a doctor at the maternal care clinic again and she prescribed 50 % sick leave because of my pain and exhaustion in combination with my very physical work. It is such a relief.
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So I went to a doctor at the maternity care clinic where I'm listed today about my pelvic and back pain. He did confirm my diagnosis, but did not paint a bright future for me. Basically, what he said was: go see a physiotherapist (you probably won't need a referral), and it's going to get worse, you might have to take sick leave later on, thank you and good bye.

Yeah thanks... The physiotherapist clinic at the hospital where I work does need a referral and the clinic I did manage to find a time slot at isn't for another three weeks -.- I prefer being a practitioner to a patient in health care.

But when I told my boss about the SPD-diagnosis she immediately told me I should only do surgery where I could sit down (so basically only robotic) and that I wouldn't have to work any more evening or weekend shifts other than those left on this schedule period. Sweet, sweet relief. I've been seriously worried about passing out a few times already when forced to stand, and I can usually only manage it for about 15 minutes when sterile. Which you know, isn't that good should something unexpected occur and we have to work fast and effective. So. Good!

But in super good news!! Today is 16 weeks precisely and I could feel my little wriggle move inside me~<3<3<3

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Did a thyroidectomy today, which in itself weren't that complicated; It was reorganizing the theatre, getting the sterile drapings correct and managing the new equipment that was a bit nerve wracking. But all went well.
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At work at least. I was scheduled to do a central venous catheter today. It's a rather quick and easy, but there's some x-ray at the end so I told the nurse who was guidning me today that I'd be stepping out while they did the x-raying. Ah, jeez, the look on her face!

Nurse: "Oh! Really! Is that the way of things then?", meaningful look at my stomach, "Congratulations!! ^-^"
Me: "Yes...Thaaanks ^^;;"

I suspect it will slowly trickle out now...


Nov. 10th, 2015 20:06
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Another busy day. Got to take over from the night shift nurses first thing on a left-side hemicolectomy. It was an old woman who'd had a diverticulum rupture rather unexpectedly.

Next up was decanulizing an ECMO-patient (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) who's lungs were finally recovered enough to actually oxygenize again. She'd had a rather bad turn of some kind of influenza I think. I was very nervous. Already kind of tired, not a fan of vascular surgery in general and never having done anything with ECMO before, but the ECMO-surgeon was so nice and patient! Wow! Not used to that kind of sunny disposition from any kind of surgeon O_O

Last for the day was changing a VacPac on an open abdomen. It was not a pretty sight. We couldn't actually make out individual loops of the intestines because they were so covered in fibrinogen. At first the surgeons'd had an idea of maybe being able to close it all up today buuuut, that wasn't possible, still to much swelling of the tissues.

And in a somewhat related rant, why has no one mentioned that you get so bloody knackered being pregnant?!? Like, sure I get it when your nearing the due date, but this is early yet and I'm having trouble standing around in sterile garb, I sleep the entire way to and from work, no energy to do anything anymore. It is apparently not uncommon and yet I had no idea whatsoever ò_ó

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So, I started on the emergency and trauma rotation last week and today was my first trauma patient! 50-something male, intoxicated on unknown substance, having thrown himself (naked from the waist down) out from a two-story window and landed in a row of bushes.

Absolutely covered with dirt and leaves when he arrived, very cold, right hip dislocated and abrasions all over. I did not get a very good overview of what was happening cause I had to run in and out whenever they fired the x-ray, so... Patient was adequately cared for, but I personally could have done a lot better :( but this is how it's gonna be while i'm pregnant I suppose...


Sep. 30th, 2015 19:10
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...or endovascular aortic repair in the very hightech hybrid theatre today. Very nervous before hand (it's kind of a big thing if something goes wrong here O_O) but apparently it's the radiology nurses who're actually working most of the time. We got to keep count of needles used to close vessels and skin after the repair, and have instruments ready in case it all went to hell. It was fucking boring in a word -.-
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So, open hysterectomy and salpingoophorectomy today, nothing strange with that but it feels like I got some kind of sympathy aches for those poor wombs. Or my period is coming on -.-
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... is not my thing. At all. I think the nurse showing me the ropes and supervising noticed, because I just can't push myself that extra mile which i do if I find something interesting :(

But the patient situation was relatively interesting at least, an infected vein graft leading blood from the subclavian artery to the femoral arteries. And a patient with zero insight in his own disease and body. 
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Ha, so today was hysterectomy again, but robot assisted! And i'm used to prostate robots, but naturally lots of things had to be done differently here. Of course! <.<

Positioning, disinfection, angling the operating table and draping were all different. But the actual surgery was much faster than a prostatectomy, so we could actually get three done in one day without going overtime :D

Although one of the patients was so grossly overweight her anatomy was slightly abnormal, with fat deposits around the uterus that our surgeon had never ever seen before, which complicated things thoroughly.
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So, I've spent all summer in urological surgery, whihch is not much of any open abdomens. Today was open hysterectomies, in which the patients in question had to be opened from symphysis to xiphoid process to ba able to also remove paraaortal lymph nodes.

Lots of instruments and me with practically zero idea of whats going to happen, but all went well and the surgeons were pleased with all of our work. So all in all a very good day.
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Today was the first day in gynaecologic surgery and had an excellent start with four c-sections. Lil babies ~<3

Also, amniotic fluid? Does NOT smell very pleasant oftentimes... <.<
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 since I was asked to stay overtime to finish up my surgery, a robotic assisted cystectomy. And the reason for this was that it was expected to go on until about 14:30 but everything took extra time: difficult to do a spinal, difficult to intubate, lots of adhesions and changed anatomy because of previous abdominal surgery... *big sigh* and none of the evening shift nurses were familiar with the surgery either so I had to stay and we ended up finishing our report to the post op unit at 18:00 -.-'

And next week I'm switching over to gynaecology!! C-sections, hysterectomys and ovarial cancers is the main thing I'm going to see there and the middle one are often done with the robot so I'm a bit prepared there already :3


Aug. 12th, 2015 21:07
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 busybusybusy. So tired every day when I get home, ugh. But I'm having a lot of fun still. For example:
  • Today we did a cystoprostatectomy with an additional uretherectomy. As a result of this I saw a completely inverted penis :D fun times! (All practical function of the penis was lost, and it is now purely decorational).
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 Started off good today. Got in early to read about my patients, noticed a discrepancy in the anaesthesia planning and told the anaesthetic nurse who knew nothing. Then I called the surgeon who spoke with the anaesthesiologist and they could then adjust the plan accordingly. Got praise from both doctors for noticing the miss, which was nice. Not so nice was the time delay since the right kind of drugs and equipment weren't prepared... :|

And then just on the start-up for our third patient I was relieved for lunch. When I gave the switch over report I forgot several important things... T^T the result being that they where a bit unprepared and got stressed and just uugh...

With our additional time delay from the first patient the  fourth and last one got struck off the list since we didn't have enough time to do it any longer, and there were no personnel who could have switched us off and the end of the day if we had started it :( 

But tomorrow I'll be doing a surgical castration, so that'll be fun ^-^

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 Well, almost nothing...

I was scheduled for a robot assisted cystectomy today. However that wasn't the only thing to be done. Because of metastasis we were also supposed to remove the rectum and a lot of the pelvic floor muscles.

And so we started with the robot. And it went better than the nurse who was guiding me expected (she was not expecting a lot there to be honest, because the patient'd had radiation therapy as well). We'd set everything up and gotten started in an okay time. The surgeon stapled off the sigmoideum and started to dissect the rectum and around there we were relieved for lunch.

When we got back it was to bright lights, robot de-attached, and the patient supine again. Apparently it wasn't working after all so they decided to convert to open laparotomy. Tens of thousands of crowns wasted...

And my "guide nurse" (the one who's supposed to show me how new things are done) said "it's no big deal, you'll manage just fine on your own :)"...Ah. Ha. Ha... At that point in time I'd done a total of TWO abdominal laparotomies. Two. Never alone. Four months ago at least.

And at this new work place I've only done urologic surgery where the number of instruments sometimes can be counted on just two hands. And now switch to four new instrument sets, one of which had around 30 instruments in it... My mind felt a bit melted. I had no idea what was going to happen in the procedure, more than "de-attach a piece of intestine. Sew fast two ureters... Make a uro-stoma.Then make a colo-stoma"... Yeah....

But it went okay on my end at least. I'd warned the surgeons I "was a bit rusty" (HAHAHA!), and two of three surgeons were urologist anyways so they weren't exactly in their comfort zone either. 

At one point I thought I'd lost TWO needles. And then I panicked for 0,5 second and then made a recount (twice) and concluded that I'd counted wrongly the first time and all the needles were there O.O And at the end I had five packs of standard cloths up and four more of weird shapes/sizes and I counted them again and again and again. And luckily kept check of all.

When I finally could go home (after staying on for a while) the patient had just been flipped to prone and the plastic surgeons were on their way to do the last part; resect the last of the rectum and pick that and the bladder out and then sew the bottom shut in some fancy way. 

When I left the patient had been in surgery for seven hours and at least one to two more were expected (O_o)...


EDIT: ha, no, my estimation was way off! They weren't even finished when I wrote this I later heard. It ended up being eleven hours of surgery in total o_o 

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 Hopefully, hopefully, rumor has it that i'll be doing a cystectomy tomorrow! Yay! New stuff :3
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 I go to bed super early, wake up tired, go to work. Almost fall asleep every time we do a robot assisted prostatectomy.

Suffer whole way home cause of how hungry I am after work, get home and eat, become super sleepy at like 19:00.

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 Got to do an orchidectomy with a silicon testicle implant (they do a cut low through the side of the stomach, not the scrotum, surprise for me) and a whooole lot of transurethral procedures, which wasn't entierly new but nice for a change 馃檰and then it was back to prostatecomys and falling asleep again 馃槾
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and counting of prostatectomy after prostatectomy. It is, quite literally, the only procedure I've done so far. The only! It's insanely boring when the set up is finished cause as a scrub nurse the only thing I do after that is passing and reloading clips, and pulling the catheter back and forth during a few minutes. Uugh. 

Also, tuesday this week I was triply unlucky. Two of the things that happened was me almost fainting in the OR and having such severe stomach pains I thought I had an appendicitis brewing for sure. I'll remember this day for years. And not fondly :(

But tomorrow is midsummer's eve and I have three days off. Hurray!


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