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I honestly thought we'd get even more revisions to do, but we passed!! :D fuckin finally!!! Three months later, but doing all that extra work when both of us where working fulltime at our new workplace, exhausted every day... Weight off our shoulders for sure!
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 We sent in our revised thesis yesterday (it was not up to their exacting standards apparently -.-')... Now what am I going to worry about in my free time?!?

Also, planning a trip to Japan i september finally!! Am going to buy so many things, and gifts for family and friends and just enjoy life for two whole weeks. (AND! We're visiting a roller coaster park one day :D haven't been to one in years!)


Jun. 5th, 2015 21:32
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 Thesis is in!! :D *nowpraytothegodsthatIpass* ;-;

To celebrate me and hubby went to see Mad Max: Fury Road. It was fuckin' awesome <3

On the way home I told him about angry dudebros whining about there being too much feminism and too many woman in the movie, and he didn't believe there were actually human beings that stupid. So I gave hubby some links and he were left pretty speechless at the utter moronity of them; He is now trying to hack one of the meninist's websites! XD


Jun. 4th, 2015 11:07
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 Starting on wednesday next week instead of after midsummer :D yay!! But nay ;-; for probably not getting the wage I've requested :(

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The ones reviewing our thesis for the seminar last friday did a lousy work we've realized as we go through their notes they've given us to fix grammar and tricky sentences. From the questions they've written, and some of which they asked during the seminar, it's obvious they haven't even done a proper read-through.

How do we know that? Because the answers they were looking for, or explanations for some things they didn't understand? They right there. Right in the text, written out in clear and concise sentences. Also, some in the audience came by afterwards saying they didn't understand the reviewers' problem, all the facts were in the text.

Just, slightly bitter they're getting away doing such a piss poor job when it's supposed to help us bring our work to a better level before the final deadline on friday.
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 We've defended our thesis and reviewed another, so that's two steps closer to being finished. One week 'til deadline and we have loads of work left to do. And our examiner is a negative soul sucker and I'm not really certain we'll pass at this rate.

And one week later and I'm still ill with this bloody cold, can't sleep in our bed because something in the bedroom exacerbates my cough and I have a meeting booked next week to negotiate my future pay... yay. Not.
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My thesis partner hasn't read/seen Harry Potter! How is this even possible?!?

So. I made many a shocked noises and she has somewhat hesitatingly agreed to check it out at the library.

We'll se how that goes. On the plus side, we'll be working in the same OR department after graduation for at least a year, so I'll have plenty of time to nag at her :3
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 Just changed the numbers referencing each article in the results section to the actual, correct reference with author names; that bullsh*t cost us 510 words out of our 10 000 available!! Not. Okay. Ò____Ó 15% of our result is just names and years now, grrrrrr....
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is our main textbook for surgical nursing and it's really great. Problem is, when you're actually interested in a textbook it's a little bit like just going for "a quick" look through wikipedia. Usually doesn't end that way!

I was just supposed to check it real quick, and write up a reference for the thesis; I ended up reading about pediatric surgery for 30 minutes instead. Oops? O_O
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 We had our third and last tutoring today which has since then resulted in a complete re-arranging of the results section. The rest of the week we'll start writing our discussion and then next week is defending/opposing on our and others' work and then the week after that is the final deadline... After that I'll soon be able to finally start working for real! :D

(never again!)
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 We had tutoring again today and it went okay. No, actually it went well. Soooo much better than last time *cries tears of relief*
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We met another couple writing their thesis at the library where we usually sit today. They're doing the intensive care specialization but our thesis schedule is the same. 

And they're several weeks ahead of schedule!! We're just barely starting to work on our results and they're already done with their discussion?!? I hate this..
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 we are making progress after all. Did I mention I hate writing this thesis? Cause I hate it =_=
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 We had tutoring for our thesis today and we were completely decimated *depressed* We have to change our aim cause it's to wide and then becuase of that also change the background, although at least we can use some parts of it still, so there's that... shitbloodybuggeringfuckidontneedthis
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 Starting to work on my master thesis today... I have been dreading this since before I even completed my nursing degree because I knew it was looming on the horizon if I would ever get to do what I wanted... I hate these humongous essays =_=

At least I get along well with the girl who I'm writing with, so I don't think we'll start hating each other because of it.


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