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 Going every which where... We got started early and took the Yamanote line to Ôtsuka where i wanted to go to Asahi kyugu (I used to shoot regularly, but not so much anymore, but I wanted to take the chance for some new supplies in any case). That visit was extremely stressing... When we entered the shop was empty but an elderly lady popped forth as soon as our feet crossed the threshold. And they want to be so polite and proper and take care of their honoured customers and help with every single little thing, and I just... Does not deal well with that. I want to be left alone and browse at my leisure and then bring whatever I want to buy to the register. But no that didn't work. We got to sit down at a table and someone else brought us a water and a snack and the elderly lady brought samples of whatever I wanted to look at to the table. And I sweated like a pig and mumbled in butchered japanese and chose the first best thing of whatever I needed. It was horrible D:

After that we took Yamanote line again to Shinjuku and went to Isetan Depato (where we bought to most enormous grapes I have ever laid eyes upon in my entire life), and then to Harajuku station and off into Yoyogi koen. It was amazing in there, so beautiful and restful <3 and we continued on to Meiji-jingu, and it feels so spectacular to walk among these old buildings, you feel so close to the past, it's amazing~

After Yoyogi we went back to Harajuku and to Takeshita dori. Of course. I would feel like I was letting down my teenaged self if we didn't XD problem was, by then we were so hungry we were kind just keeping our eyes open for a good restaurant but there was only pasta places, and sure... I like pasta, but that is not what I wanna eat while in Japan for the first time in my life! We ended up in some kind of food court, which sold mostly sweets (everyone seem to live off sugar over there) but also kara-age curry. The stall looked a bit doubtful but it was delicious. And for afters we bought confectionery crepes, (mine was matcha-flavoured ofc) and they were amazing <3

After that, Yamanote line again, on to Shibuya, hubby insisted on showing me the infamous street crossing, and we spent some time up in Starbucks (without buying anything, the line was too long, oops?) observing everyone scurrying on like little ants :D we went a little further in from the crossing and I found a Muji depato!!! It was perfect~ I love Muji <3

Later on we went back to Akihabara, it felt like we missed something last time, and it went a little better now, we found an interesting pair of depato, Radio keikan and Gamers. Hubby managed to find a Zelda figurine and I finally found some naruto merch, but very little and rather overpriced, so I only bought a key-ring. And then hubby didn't have any patience left for any more stores so he went back to the hotel and I kept on browsing, and found re-cast FairyLand pukipuki... That was... I don't now, I wasn't really expecting to find such blatantly illegal and poor quality (they really were horrible) goods in a well cared for and well visited department store :/

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 Today we made plans to meet an old high school friend who lives and works here in Tokyo. We had problems falling asleep last night, just tossing and turning on a bed hard as a plank (it felt like there was an entire mattress missing?!?) so we got out at around noon and bought breakfast at a combini. After that off to Akihabara and prowl around. Not what I expected exactly, and Mandarake was a disappointment. I wanted to buy Naruto merch and there was absolutely nothing there, and barely any at all in all of Akihabara -.-

After that we went off to Ikebukuro and met up with our friend and took the train back to her home in the suburbs. Out there, and it's wasn't very far out, it was really cosy, with small but functional houses. And I love the blue roofs that some of the houses have, it's such a pretty colour, and it glitters in the sun :D

Her husband cooked dinner and then we just hung out and got caught up, and then we went back to the hotel, but with more plans to meet next week.


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