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 today with a few obligatory seminars, a class photo and then going out for food and drinks with some classmates, and THEN, going to my mother-in-law to celebrate her husbands birthday.

And my friend in Japan got married and all I saw was a blurry photo posted on fb ;A;

And now I won't be setting foot in an OR until I start working, which won't be for around 3 months, in summer... I'm going to forget everything!! O_O
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 I had it today! Our uni calls it Triple jump because it has three separate parts needing completing and I did part 1 and 2 today.

Part one was having a pre-op "counseling" (kinda) with the patient I'd have for part 2, and then talking again with them post-op.

Part 2 was to independently take part in a surgical procedure, for me a partial mastectomy with SNB, with a representative from the uni observing. I thought I messed it up in the beginning because I'd forgotten to lay out some things I'd need and it took a little extra time getting everything ready. Over all I didn't feel like I had a good flow when preparing the sterile field and such. When the surgery got started it went fine, I knew the surgeon since before. She was aware of this being a test for me so tried to be considerate and not grab all the instruments but make sure to ask for them and leaving me time for counting when I needed. We had a good teamwork going :)

And then afterwards I had to wait over an hour for my evaluation because the examiner had to do it with another student first. Uuughh, nervous!

Then it was finally my turn! And I was a little shocked because the examiner remarked she thought I kept good time with the preparations...!! What?!?! O_O Okay then... And everything else went without a hitch so I passed, phew!

And now... I have part 3 left, which is written and due in less then a week -.-


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