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Got to join my fourth different supervisor in as many days. Not okay when I’m supposed to go with just 2 different one for them to be able to keep check of my progress and areas that need improving.

What a fucking epic fail this day turned into.

The nurse I was joining had no idea. Of course. She starts off by saying we’ll disregard the things I am supposed to be focusing on as a new scrub student and go by what she feels is important today. Which was planning and how well we had to do it because we were short on time before the start of surgery, a laparoscopic sigmoidectomy, which take quite a few hours.

We then proceed to the equipment room the grab some things in a hurry, except she meets a colleague she hasn’t seen in a while and stops to chat. Hurry much?

In the OR she then hurries along and does all the things that I need to do for practice. And then we had to redo some things because we hadn’t communicated enough with the nurse aides on the plan.

When the surgery starts I at least get to assist on my own but then manage to drop a very expensive one-use-only piece of equipment. Alrighty, continue on when a new one has been fetched. The surgery goes on well enough for a while until it’s time to use the intestinal staples, which I’ve never used before. Turn to ask my supervisor. Who is nowhere near. Who is in fact not even in the OR. Who hasn’t told anyone that she’s leaving for awhile or where we can reach her so the nurse aide has to go running to look for her because the surgeons doesn’t know how to put the staples together from scratch either.

Oh, but I’m not done yet!

A while later it’s time to raise the patients legs up to be able to get at the anal area and insert a circular staple through the rectum. The nurse aide crawls down under the sterile draping to work the leg extensions on the operating table. It does not go well. In fact she manages to dislocate one of her thumbs(!!!).

From there on everything actually(!) goes according to plan. But everyone was tired, cranky and in a piss poor mood not to mention the nurse aide with her aching thumb which she’d popped back on her own.

I will remember this day for the rest of my fucking career I swear.


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