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 Today we've spent the day in Nagoya, after arriving at 8 in the morning. We didn't get much sleep on the plane unfortunately, so hubby was exhausted all day while I was extremely hyper active and excited. We took the train from Chubu Centrair and went to Nagoya Castle, which was mostly a rebuilt replica, since the original was bombed and burnt during WWII. Then we went on to Osu Kannon temple (I bought a tiny zodiac snake phone charm :D) and then to a small shopping street which began just by the temple grounds.

Aaaand then hubby couldn't take any more by about three in the afternoon and we went back to the airport. I wanted check the tax-free but hubby just wanted to go to the gate so he could lie down and sleep for a while, but we thought "it's okay, there's usually more tax-free after the security check, we'll go through so hubby can sleep some"... Only there wasn't ANY tax-free beyond security?!? Just some two shops for omiyage-sweets and some ready-made sandwiches and onigiri and beverages. So, I've been bored as hell waiting for the next plane at 20 and hubby sleeps the sleep of the exhausted.

(And the ticket machines for the trains are plain weird. It's good that they've some english instructions, because they're like nothing i've ever seen before and figuring out which ticket fare to buy is not that easy either :/)


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